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My friends are a crack pipe
dragging its feet.

When it burns up,
I'll feel the heat.

and I don't know what to do
I'm stuck in this room
and I'm pacing, I'm pacing, I'm pacing,
three steps at a time.

What do you think would happen here if nothing changed?

So I will try to get older
and figure this out,
and everything changes, will change,
will change,
will change.

So with hands stuck to the wall,
I push - and it falls.
But what do I see but another stone wall?
And what do I hear but a breath from my lungs?
And what can I utter but a stuttering call,
reaffirming I need your help to get through this all -
reaffirming I needed your help all along.

These aren't friends,
they're a snake bite.
I am not scared.

Don't give me the answer,
Just give me some air.


from Peace Through A Combine, released September 13, 2015




Mars AG Albuquerque, New Mexico

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