Bruce Willis

from by Mars AG

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When you look at me,
Do you think "free"?
Do you think everything
is gonna come out right for me?

No, you're a lonely man,
But you have family plans,
whenever I come 'round,
you make excuses, say you can't.

But fuck the system tho,
Forget the status quo.
listen to Walk the Moon
and feel like yourself when you're home

You don't have to be hip,
Just feel your fingertips -
As long as you are trying,
Why would you ever give a shit?

But it's hard to be calm
When you're carrying a bomb,
When it goes off it's not only gonna kill you

Tell me I can do this on my own.

When you think happiness
do you think crystal bliss?
Do you think ignorance
and hangin' out and eating chips?

No, you think music, man!
You think it's all too grand -
you could just fall down
when you sing about Uzbekistan.

But what is balance dude?
It just confuses you -
friends, enemies, family,
music, love and solitude.

While I'm in total bliss!
couldn't shake me up -
Why don't you just live up to this?

But I'm going to be calm,
While I'm eating off this bomb,
It won't go off,
I'm leaving it right here.

You tell me I can do this on my own.
You tell me I can do this all alone -

but I can't do this on my own.
I can't do this all alone.

I don't know much about electrons -
I don't know much about running in circles and circles
and getting out -
and getting out.

So I can't do this on my own.
I can't do this all alone.


from Peace Through A Combine, released September 13, 2015




Mars AG Albuquerque, New Mexico

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