Automatic Rush

from by Mars AG

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Automatic rush,
fall to the ground,
This is not a drill.

Grab me by the hand,
drag me up to town,
shove me down a hill.

We were in a public park
well after dark
Lookin' scared.

It was just a joke back then,
But now it's what I am.

So take me shooting tonight,
it will be a good way to hide
Cuz no one will look for me at the shooting

Think of what you think,
crawl in the dust,
Ashes of a cow.

Spotted, layered floor,
saw us, cut us down.
What do we do now?

I spent the night in Тунгуска,
Looking at a picture of you from when you were different,
I'm glad you're what you are now,
If I had dropped in then this would all be stagnant,
I'll drop a spoon on a hard wood floor,
It will wake everyone in the house up -
that's why I'm in Тунгуска!
I said до свидания друзья!
So watch as the meteorite falls down,
It will fall near me, it will fall near the ground

Last night, when we walked home,
I was worried that the cops had followed -

You stayed near me in New Mexico
when all I felt was hollow.

I remember easier times than these,
Sitting in my basement playing with me,
but it's alright for it to be hard sometimes,
That's how we grow.


from Peace Through A Combine, released September 13, 2015
The person that clapped on this track is a reptile.




Mars AG Albuquerque, New Mexico

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