Peace Through A Combine

by Mars AG

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Written over the 2015 summer (between my freshman and sophomore years in college), and recorded mostly in the last two weeks of that summer. I did a synth track and a four second vocal track after that.


released September 13, 2015




Mars AG Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Tennessee
Is there a better life in Tennessee?
Is there a better piece of peace for me?
Do all the country singers strum through amps with tubes?
Does the lap steel sound out rounder than the moon?

I want a better life in Tennessee
'Cause I've been there.

I was under the impression that regression was inevitable
Your heart starts beating then learns how to be venerable

And then the clock starts turning
your words start burning so hot that it feels cold
And then like before you were born
no more beats

It stops when you're old.

But I'm on top of the world here -
No more regret and there's no fear -
I just wish I could see the stage,
'cause I am underage,
I wonder if they will even
Let me play?
Track Name: Landshark
I could be
A landshark,
Swimmin' in India!!!

I could be
A SeaHorse,
Swimmin' in the ocean -

You could be
A landmark -

You could be
A light house -
Bike pump:
(Haste, Post)

What do you say to being needles in hay?
cz I can't make my own choice,
can't hear my own voice,
and I'm a shark among boys.

I could be
Dragon and a cupcake!

I could eat
More tea leaves
Fortunes make a big break....

All I know is that I need to find solace soon
Or I'm going to have to leave this room
I was breathing on nothing, nothing but air
It was esoteric if anyone cared

Is the moon even lit tonight?
I don't see anything bright....


I could be
A landshark
As easy as I could breathe.

Watch me walk
On land with
Fins and shark teeth
Track Name: Bruce Willis
When you look at me,
Do you think "free"?
Do you think everything
is gonna come out right for me?

No, you're a lonely man,
But you have family plans,
whenever I come 'round,
you make excuses, say you can't.

But fuck the system tho,
Forget the status quo.
listen to Walk the Moon
and feel like yourself when you're home

You don't have to be hip,
Just feel your fingertips -
As long as you are trying,
Why would you ever give a shit?

But it's hard to be calm
When you're carrying a bomb,
When it goes off it's not only gonna kill you

Tell me I can do this on my own.

When you think happiness
do you think crystal bliss?
Do you think ignorance
and hangin' out and eating chips?

No, you think music, man!
You think it's all too grand -
you could just fall down
when you sing about Uzbekistan.

But what is balance dude?
It just confuses you -
friends, enemies, family,
music, love and solitude.

While I'm in total bliss!
couldn't shake me up -
Why don't you just live up to this?

But I'm going to be calm,
While I'm eating off this bomb,
It won't go off,
I'm leaving it right here.

You tell me I can do this on my own.
You tell me I can do this all alone -

but I can't do this on my own.
I can't do this all alone.

I don't know much about electrons -
I don't know much about running in circles and circles
and getting out -
and getting out.

So I can't do this on my own.
I can't do this all alone.
Track Name: Hut-On-A-Rock
My friends are a crack pipe
dragging its feet.

When it burns up,
I'll feel the heat.

and I don't know what to do
I'm stuck in this room
and I'm pacing, I'm pacing, I'm pacing,
three steps at a time.

What do you think would happen here if nothing changed?

So I will try to get older
and figure this out,
and everything changes, will change,
will change,
will change.

So with hands stuck to the wall,
I push - and it falls.
But what do I see but another stone wall?
And what do I hear but a breath from my lungs?
And what can I utter but a stuttering call,
reaffirming I need your help to get through this all -
reaffirming I needed your help all along.

These aren't friends,
they're a snake bite.
I am not scared.

Don't give me the answer,
Just give me some air.
Track Name: Automatic Rush
Automatic rush,
fall to the ground,
This is not a drill.

Grab me by the hand,
drag me up to town,
shove me down a hill.

We were in a public park
well after dark
Lookin' scared.

It was just a joke back then,
But now it's what I am.

So take me shooting tonight,
it will be a good way to hide
Cuz no one will look for me at the shooting

Think of what you think,
crawl in the dust,
Ashes of a cow.

Spotted, layered floor,
saw us, cut us down.
What do we do now?

I spent the night in Тунгуска,
Looking at a picture of you from when you were different,
I'm glad you're what you are now,
If I had dropped in then this would all be stagnant,
I'll drop a spoon on a hard wood floor,
It will wake everyone in the house up -
that's why I'm in Тунгуска!
I said до свидания друзья!
So watch as the meteorite falls down,
It will fall near me, it will fall near the ground

Last night, when we walked home,
I was worried that the cops had followed -

You stayed near me in New Mexico
when all I felt was hollow.

I remember easier times than these,
Sitting in my basement playing with me,
but it's alright for it to be hard sometimes,
That's how we grow.
Track Name: Monterrey
Monterrey, 1995
I would give anything to climb a mountain today.

But I'm here, and I'm here with you,
and you're beautiful,
and come to think of it,
I wouldn't give you away

In Taluca
My father said the air was so thin he couldn't sleep -
and the heat nearly drove him insane.

Stopped by the cops
Just ten miles from the border.
Put a twenty behind your license,
in ten seconds you're free to go

Now it's the fourth of July.
And when the fireworks blast off tonight I will kiss you
Until that moment I am waiting alone

With all the stars in the sky
and explosions in the night
I think we'll be fine

When the American flag waves,
the colors will make us brave,
it will be alright.

Just a few hundred miles South -
gives me chills,
fear and a good kind of thrill.

When my passport comes,
I can go anywhere that I want to,
Drive South in New Mexico,
or to Canada from Ohio

and do you know that about me?
It's always, "Anywhere but here."
But then anywhere turns to shit,
and all I'm left with is nowhere.

And from the smoke in your car
after you promised me that you'd quit,
I can promise you that I never really cared at all about it.
i never cared

But now it's the fourth of July,
and when the fireworks blast off tonight I will kiss you
Until that moment I am waiting alone
Please god, I hope I don't have to go through this alone

With all the stars in the sky
and explosions in the night,
I think we'll be fine

When the American flag waves,
i don't care, I was already brave,
It will be alright.
Track Name: On A Sewer Grate Outside My Parents' House
You talked last night
after nearly a year of holding everything in.
The words poured out like Niagara Falls.

So I closed my eyes
and I held my breath
and I made the decision
that by the time I released it, I'd know what I wanted,
And I'd start getting there.

So on the way to Canada,
I started to care.

On the way to New Mexico,
I will hold my hand over your mouth
so no fingernails and no cigarettes can get in -
they're the only sign of your nerves,
and you made it past eighteen,
I want to help you past twenty three.
I can't express how much you helped me.

You talked last night,
and it made me love you more than I thought I could.